Lazkaoko Beneditarren Fundazioa is the direct beneficiary of all works carried out by Aguirre over the past four decades. In 2007, the Benedictine monks of Lazkao signed a collaboration agreement with the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council and Lazkao Town Council, under which they constructed a building to house much of the documentation collected by Agirre. This documentation is called the Lazkao Benedictine Collection, and comprises material from the Basque newspaper library, archives and other artefact collections. The new building opened in December 2010, and served as a prelude to the creation of the foundation. In April 2011, having secured legal and financial coverage for the works carried out by Agirre, in order to ensure its continuity over time, the Lazkaoko Beneditarren Fundazioa was fully established. Its founding members were the Benedictine monks of Lazkao, the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council and Lazkao Town Council.

The Board of Trustees is the foundation’s highest body, and comprises two representatives from each institution. The Board is chaired by the prior of the Benedictine monks of Lazkao, Rufino Mujica, and the vice-chairman is the Major of Lazkao, Felix Urkola. The foundation is directed by Juan Jose Agirre.

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