The foundation is also home to more than 80 documentary collections compiled by Juan Jose Agirre over the years. These collections are grouped into four main areas: Political Collections, which cover political parties and organisations, elections, political prisoners, etc.; Labour-Related Collections, which cover trade unionism and businesses; Social-Related Collections, which cover the church, green movements, women’s rights, etc.; and Cultural Collections, which cover all things related to the Basque language and culture. These collections include leaflets, pamphlets, press releases, press clippings and pocket calendars, as well as internal documents –meeting minutes, reports, memos, etc. The most noteworthy collections are from the world of politics, and are essential reading for anyone studying Basque politics in the 1970s and 80s.

These collections are currently being classified and catalogued by the foundation, and will gradually be made available to the public as these works progress.

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